Matching Personal and Company Values

How often do you look at the values of a company before you apply for one of their roles? Well we’re here to tell you that you should probably take a longer look at them, and here’s why;

Values could give you a snapshot of what the culture is like

The company’s values are what the business feels it stands for, and that’s typically an accurate reflection of what the company culture would be like. Taking a good look at core values can be that deciding factor of whether to submit your application or not. For example, perhaps working for a business that values ‘change’ isn’t ideal if historically you have been resilient to change or you find it difficult to adapt.

On the other hand, your alignment/interest to these values will help in the application process and we suggest making reference to this in your covering letter for instance (more about this later)

You will fit in better when your personal values align

If the company culture is an accurate reflection of your own personal values, you’re more likely to feel ‘one’ with the business and fit in overall. Working in an environment that not only believes in but promotes values that are dear to you will help you feel more included with your co-workers, as they too should believe in what is important to you.

You’re more likely to be motivated to give your 100%

Although you probably won’t always agree with every decision your organisation takes, knowing that the company you work for operates in line with values that you agree with will help you feel more motivated to achieve mutual success.

Think about it, imagine yourself working for a business that not only takes decisions that you overall agree with but also with a team that on a daily basis work in synergy with your views – wouldn’t you be more excited to go to work and inclined to get things done? We’ll assume you said yes.

Working for a business where you ‘fit in’ is important, and that’s why you shouldn’t let things like values be overlooked. Keep this in mind when looking for a new job but don’t forget, not everything that’s written on a website is true so remember to go to an interview equipped with a few questions to really test these out!

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