3 signs it’s time for a new job

You’ve been working in the same role for a while and have a lingering feeling it might be time for a new job. Changing jobs can be a nerve-wracking process and as much as we’d like to be ‘sure’, we can’t always be.

If you’re looking for more clarity on whether your gut feeling is trying to tell you something, here are 3 signs it’s very likely you should make a move.

You’ve got Monday anxiety

It’s Sunday night, and you’re dreading going to work tomorrow – having to deal with your boss, the environment or just your job in general. You’re finding it harder and harder to wake up in the morning, and need to give yourself a little pep talk to feel prepared for the week to come. That’s not what it’s supposed to feel like.

Now I’m not saying you should be ecstatic to go to work on a daily basis (cause let’s be real), but we both know that dreadful feeling isn’t right.

You’re no longer challenged

If you’re clocking out from the office and feeling overall dissatisfied with your work, or that your skills aren’t being used to their full potential, then it’s time to explore new options. Step 1 would be to assess any internal promotions up for grabs that could motivate you, but if that’s not on the table then you need to find a new opportunity that will.

You should regularly feel challenged, motivated and excited about your work – don’t settle for less.

You’re not moving closer to your goal

If you’re the type of person that has a set career goal, then make sure your current job is helping and not hindering you to achieve it. If you don’t have a clear career direction just yet, remember you should be in a job that allows you to learn, go out of your comfort zone and progress in your career (unless that’s not what you want, you do you of course).

Unfortunately, one Company can’t always offer us the career trajectory we’re looking for, so taking new opportunities is a must to help us elevate our career.

The biggest and most simple tip is to trust your gut. If you’re feeling like it’s the right time for a move, it probably is. Explore the market carefully and assess your options – once you’ve found something that you feel is a better next step, don’t hold back and take it!

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