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Equipping you with the right tools to find your dream role. From CV writing, LinkedIn profile building to interview guidance, we’ve got you covered.

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Pursue Consultancy aims at offering candidates the tools and guidance needed to independently find their next opportunity. Equipped with years of experience in supporting candidates ranging from recent graduates to C-suite professionals, we are here to share our expertise to help you land your dream job.

If you’d like Pursue Consultancy to support in finding your next opportunity, check out our recruitment services.

CV Writing

Did you know that recruiters/hiring managers spend just 7 seconds looking at a CV? Your CV is your first impression, so the challenge is to make sure those few seconds leave a great impression on whoever’s reading it. 

Together we will create a CV that is ideal for the opportunities and market you’re applying for and sharing some tips and tricks on how to use your CV once it’s done. We focus on content, not design but we work with great graphic experts that can give your CV the right look.


Executive CV Writing

The rules of writing a great CV don’t change when you’re applying for C-level/Directorship opportunities, but there’s just a bit more to it. 

The CV you once used to find lower-level roles just won’t cut it, and we’re here to take it to the next level.

Interview Preparation/General Advisory

You’ve sent the CV and landed an interview. That’s great, now what?
Through a consultancy approach, we will guide you through the interview process ahead of the meeting and provide you with viable tips to make sure you leave the room (or screen) feeling great about your interview.

This will include interview practice, guided support for typical interview scenarios as well as managing the process as a candidate.
*This is exclusively for professionals that are not being represented by Pursue Consultancy as a candidate through our recruitment services.

LinkedIn Support

Your LinkedIn is your online CV, so don’t let it slack!
Having built a LinkedIn profile with over 14,000 connections, 1,000+ views and top 1% in the industry, we are equipped to guide you on how to create more engagement with your audience or be more visible to recruiters/hiring managers.

We can also support you with drafting LinkedIn posts and content.

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