who we are

We set up to support job seekers and businesses to find the best possible opportunity or talent that they seek, with or without going through us as an Agency. Offering a fresh and young perspective to the way recruitment is done, we focus on Authenticity, Relationships and Quality.

Following several years of industry experience, we at Pursue Consultancy want to break the stereotype that has been associated with recruitment agencies both locally and oversees.

Who we are Pursue Consultancy

Are you a jobseeker that has been left without feedback following an application or job interview? You were probably frustrated; we would be too.

Who we are Pursue Consultancy

Or are you a client that has been promised strong deliverables and communication but left with no reply or actions? We don’t blame you for trying to source directly.

We were all job seekers once, and we also understand the frustration of finding the right, long-term talent for your team.

That’s why we aim to offer a real, ‘no BS’ approach to recruitment as a whole and ensure you know where you stand at all times.

You’re here because you’re in pursue of something, let’s help you get it.

What makes us tick.

What’s the point of stating values if they aren’t going to be seen through the way we do business, and who we do business with?

At Pursue Consultancy our values come first, and we want to be held accountable for them.  As our clients – both job seekers or businesses – you should expect that we will act in line with our values and we hope they resonate with you too.


We pride ourselves on being true to who we are and what we stand for.  Our clients should expect an authentic service with real communication, expectations, and deliverables.


We want to build long-lasting relationships with the right people and businesses that strive for mutual success.


We are grateful to those who choose to work with us, and we believe there’s no better way to show that than by offering the best-in-market quality service.

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