What Not to Do on Your CV

Writing a CV always seems easier than when you actually set time aside to write it. It seems unnecessarily difficult to put into words what you really do in your day-to-day job. What you need to include in your CV is typically unique to your industry or job but there are some universal big ‘no-no’s’ that you should keep in mind. 

1. Don’t go into unnecessary detail

Unless you’re applying for your first ever job, it’s unnecessary to write down all your previous work experience back to your first part time job as a 16 year old.Do instead highlight your professional experience that the interviewer/Hiring Manager would find relevant and build it up from there.

2. Don’t lie about your career history

Removing a job off your CV for fear of it looking bad or lying about how long you spent at a particular job is never a good start to a business relationship. Inconsistencies in your CV won’t make the hiring manager that interested in meeting with you and could lead to a very uncomfortable interview. Stick to the truth and prepare an honest explanation for any queries they may have.

3. Don’t go on for pages on pages

Keeping it concise can be quite challenging, but stick to the 2, perhaps 3 pages rule. A hiring manager will take a good look at your CV for a whole 7 (yes 7) seconds. The more they can see at quick glance the better your chances are of getting the right information across.

4. Don’t hide your contact details

If the hiring manager is in fact spending only 7 seconds on your CV, you need to make sure your contact details are easily found. Some CV formats tend to add the contact section to the end of the CV, but this can dilute the ‘call to action’ for you to get that phone call.

5. Don’t use bad formats

Sometimes, the simpler the better. Unless you’re applying for an artistic role where your CV can be used to showcase your skills, we’d suggest sticking to a simple word document that is easy for the hiring manager to read through. Unique fonts, colours or layouts might not always work in your favour.

6. Don’t forget to spell check and proof-read

Listing down ‘good attention to detail’ on your CV while simultaneously having tons of spelling mistakes just doesn’t cut it. Make sure you re-read your CV as many times as necessary, and perhaps ask someone else to go through it for you.

Be mindful of these six common mistakes and make sure your CV is above the rest. If you’re still struggling to get your CV in order, speak to us about our CV writing services.

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