Beyond the Resume: Assessing Candidates for Cultural Fit

The right candidate on paper might not be the right candidate for you.  Qualifications, degrees, and skill sets have arguably become slightly less significant to the hiring process, as many companies focus instead on finding the right culture fit to add to their team.  But what exactly makes a culture ‘fit’? Teams develop a distinct […]

3 ways you can revamp your recruitment strategy

Sourcing talent is a common pain point for most businesses in Malta. Although there are external elements that affect the success rates of our recruitment efforts (competition, market trends, industry volatility etc), there comes a point where we must reflect within our own organisations. When working with clients to strengthen their recruitment procedures/efforts, the first […]

No Applicants? 4 ways you can improve your job adverts

The majority of businesses in Malta are struggling to reap the rewards of their recruitment advertising strategies, and the common feedback is that there are not as many candidates applying. hile operating in a candidate-short market (at least in most industries) is certainly a factor, the recruitment-related content published by a business directly correlates to […]